Classroom Teacher - Crossroads Charter Schools
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Miscellaneous
Job Title: AVID Elective Teacher
Job Location: Crossroads Charter Schools Kansas City MO
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Middle School Education
Certificate: Other Certificate
District: Crossroads Charter Schools
Kansas City, MO 64105
Telephone: 816-221-3191 EXT 334
Job Description:

Position Summary:
The AVID elective teacher is a skilled educator grounded in relationships. AVID, or Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an academic acceleration program that aims to prepare students in the academic middle for post-secondary preparedness. The AVID elective curriculum features writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading, note-taking, and study skills. Because AVID elective students also enroll in at least one rigorous course including honors or AP, the AVID elective teacher is responsible for supporting students’ academic success across content areas.

The primary responsibilities are to provide support in the instructional process by serving as a facilitator of learning, developing lesson plans and delivering group and individual student instruction within established curriculum guidelines; collaborating with other teachers, other professional staff, and administrators in addressing classroom and school issues; and responding to a wide range of inquiries from parents or guardians regarding academic and social-emotional issues.  The ideal candidate has experience with the workshop model and project-based learning. The teacher is a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel both academically and socially. The teacher collaborates with staff to co-plan, co-deliver, and individualize instruction for all students in a class;  work together creatively to accommodate special needs, diversity and educational backgrounds of the students; and overcome instructional challenges constructively. The teacher is a hardworking, goal-oriented and enthusiastic with a sound understanding of the Missouri Learning Standards and Common Core State Standards.
Position Responsibilities:
  • Establish weekly objectives based on the Missouri Learning Standards.
  • Coordinate school performances, arts-related learning expeditions, and partnerships with arts organizations.
  • Establish performance requirements, enforce academic requirements, and verify student eligibility. 
  • Provide participation at extracurricular events, including concerts, sporting events, pep rallies, parades, etc.
  • Obtain and use evaluative findings (including student achievement data) to determine program effectiveness and ensure that program renewal is continuous and responds to student needs.
  • Collaborate with grade-level teams on interdisciplinary plan units of study.
  • Use the discipline model of BIST to maintain a positive, encouraging learning environment.
  • Implement instructional activities that contribute to a climate where students are actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences. 
  • Maintain effective and efficient record-keeping procedures and uses data to drive instruction.
  • Provide a positive environment in which students are encouraged to be actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with students, parents, and other professionals on a regular basis.  
  • Assumes responsibility for meeting his/her course and school-wide student performance goals.
  • Participates in training and professional development
  • Meets professional obligations through efficient work habits such as: meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, coordinating, etc.
  • Act in a professional and ethical manner at all times and comply with school policies, procedures, and expectations.
  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned
  • All work responsibilities are subject to having performance goals and/or targets established as part of the annual performance planning process or as the result of organizational planning.
  • Skills and Qualifications:
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in field of education
  • Valid Missouri teaching certification
  • Minimum 3 years of teaching experience preferred
  • Desire to continue professional development
  • Excellent organization skills and an ability to coordinate multiple tasks and activities
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills and an ability to keep multiple stakeholder groups, including parents, teachers, staff, volunteers and partners, informed of critical issues, activities and schedules.  
  • Excellent work ethic, positive attitude, flexibility and willingness to perform tasks assigned
  • Demonstrates ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students and teachers in school environment and community.
  • Must pass extensive background check
  • All applicants must apply on the Crossroads website at:

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.