Principal - Archdiocese of St. Louis
Position: Principal
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Saint Ignatius School - Principal
Job Location: Saint Ignatius School
Deadline: Apr 01, 2023**
District: Archdiocese of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63119
Telephone: 314-792-7307
Job Description:
Position Summary
The principal is a practicing Catholic who fosters, develops, and evaluates a vibrant 21st century learning environment which supports the health, safety and spirit of our students, parents, and faculty. This learning environment infuses our Catholic identity along with appropriate intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth into every aspect of our curriculum to educate lifelong learners who transform the world in light of the Gospel.
As a Faith Leader:
Leads, fosters, and involves the community in prayer and liturgy
Emphasizes school community-wide service opportunities which promote empathy and preferential treatment for the poor
Fosters relationships between students, faculty, and parents in an atmosphere of Christian love
As an Educational Leader:
Cultivates developmentally appropriate school philosophy, goals, and curriculum
Directs and provides opportunities for professional growth/evaluation of faculty and staff
Fosters a connection between school and home, and encourages healthy, supportive parent-teacher-student interactions
Demonstrates one's experience, enthusiasm, and thorough understanding of current best practices for instructional methodology, pedagogy of children, classroom management and multi-learning styles for children, knowledge of best practices in educational administration
Is student-focused and nurtures a caring and inclusive school environment
Communicates with faculty, staff, and parents regularly and in a joyful, supportive manner
Collaborates with other principals and educators throughout the region and within the Archdiocese of St. Louis
As an Administrator:
Supervises daily operation and maintenance of the school and facilitates school organizations
Recruits, interviews, and offer s contracts to staff persons—teaching and non-teaching personnel
Participates in parent meetings and conferences and acts as intermediary between parents, teachers, and students when the need arises
Maintains and safeguards financial, personnel, and student records
Ensures compliance with state and Archdiocesan guidelines
Executive Officer of the School Board (Reflects on the goals, needs, expectations of faculty, students, and parents; initiates and participates in long-range planning; assist board members in self-assessing his/her effectiveness)
Safeguards the health, the safety, and the spirit of all students by providing a safe learning environment
As a Public Relations Leader:
Maintains open, positive, constructive communication with faculty, students, parents, pastor, School Board, school/parish organizations and the community.
Communicates the school’s values, needs, efforts, and accomplishments to the community at large
Displays excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate with educators, families, and community leaders effectively.
Knowledge & Experience Requirements:
A Master’s degree or its equivalent in Educational Leadership/Administration
Five years of demonstrated success in teaching
Commitment to a Catholic philosophy of education
Skills & Attitudes Required for Success in Job:
Is a compassionate, attentive, joyful decision maker
Displays ability to communicate with parents, students, faculty, and community leaders professionally and effectively
Has good problem-solving skills and is able to maintain confidentiality
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** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.