Director - Fox C-6 School District
Position: Director
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Director of Special Services - Secondary (2023-24 School Year)
Job Location: Central Office
Beginning: Jul 01, 2023
Deadline: Dec 06, 2023**
District: Fox C-6 School District
Arnold, MO 63010
Telephone: 636-296-8000
Job Description:
STATUS: 260-Day Contract
REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent - Secondary Education
The list of Essential Functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.
  1. Compiles data from a wide variety of sources (e.g. finances, DESE, student outcomes, etc.) for the purpose of analyzing issues, ensuring compliance with organization policies and procedures, and/or monitoring program components.
  2. Coordinates program components, staff meetings, professional development activities, support needs, and materials for the purpose of delivering services which conform to established guidelines.
  3. Directs department operations; the maintenance of services and the implementation of new programs and/or processes for the purpose of providing services within established timeframes and in compliance with related requirements.
  4. Facilitates meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. (e.g. due process hearings, district liaison, special education parent groups, etc.) for the purpose of identifying issues, developing recommendations, supporting other staff, and serving as a District representative.
  5. Implements assigned programs, policies, and/or projects for the purpose of conforming to district and state curriculum and/or instructional objectives.
  6. Manages the special education department and its programs for the purpose of delivering services which conform to established guidelines.
  7. Monitors budget allocations, staff allocations, expenditures, fund balances, and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits, and/or fiscal practices are followed.
  8. Possesses a complete and thorough understanding of Special Education Law in relation to IDEA, State compliance, and best practices.
  9. Promotes a vision for continued improvement of department capacity through professional development, collaboration of team members, creative problem solving, and effective practice.
  10. Possesses the capacity to build a unified team based upon a quality culture and a dedication to student learning.
  11. Includes and collaborates with other district leaders in decision-making.
  12. Participates in a wide variety of meetings (e.g. presentations, Board meetings, training, hearings, IEPs, professional development, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
  13. Performs personnel functions (e.g. interviewing, evaluating, supervising, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining adequate staffing, enhancing productivity of personnel, and achieving objectives within budget.
  14. Prepares a wide variety of often complex materials (e.g. annual compliance plans, budgets, funding requests, reports, analyses, recommendations, procedures, practices, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities and issues, meeting compliance requirements, providing audit references, making presentations, and/or providing supporting materials for requested actions.
  15. Develops and coordinates procedures with building principals and staff for the administration of Special Services programs.
  16. Develops short-range and long-range program plans consistent with district planning.
  17. Acts as liaison between the school and the community, interpreting activities and policies of the district and encouraging community participation.
  18. Evaluates all assigned staff members according to Board policy and district procedures.
  19. Prepares or supervises the preparation of reports, records, lists, and all other paper work required or appropriate to Special Services.
  20. Assists with directing and supervising the district's diagnostic testing staff regarding compliance with procedures for special education services.
  21. Prepares and supervises the requisitioning, receiving, and distributing of supplies and equipment, and keeps an accurate record of supplies and equipment.
  22. Conducts staff meetings to keep appropriate personnel informed of policy changes and modifications in operating procedures.
  23. Evaluates the instructional program in a systematic manner and uses the results by working with appropriate personnel to plan program improvements.
  24. Performs other duties as assigned.
  1. Master’s degree in related field (Educational Specialist or Doctorate preferred).
  2. Current Missouri Special Education Administrator certificate required.
  3. At least five (5) years successful teaching experience preferred.
  4. At least three (3) years successful administration experience preferred.
  5. Shall have such other qualifications as the Board may deem necessary.
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** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.