Educational Paraprofessional Position - One Classroom
Position: Educational Paraprofessional Position
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Paraprofessional
Job Location: St. Louis area
Beginning: Aug 01, 2022
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: One Classroom
St. Louis, MO 63122
Telephone: 314-616-7558
Job Description:
Position Summary
The function of the Para is to implement classroom modifications as directed by the learning consultant,  to facilitate an accessible curriculum for the assigned student, along with assisting with self regulation, social skills, and personal care.
Position Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with parents, teachers, learning consultant, and related service providers, to implement modifications and strategies toward success.
  • Modify standard curriculum to enable access for student
  • Collaborate with classroom teacher and learning consultant in meeting the student’s individualized goals and report progress as required
  • Provide daily direct support and instruction which promotes student’s comfort, safety and learning under the supervision and direction of the learning consultant and classroom teacher
  • Assist teacher in creating a classroom culture of belonging for all children
  • Provide opportunities for individual differences, recommend and implement use of age appropriate learning aides to stimulate interest and increase participation
  • Develop independence by encouraging student to perform tasks by himself or with the help of a friend
  • Maintain appropriate and effective rapport with all students in a professional manner
  • Demonstrate ethical standards appropriate to the profession, including respect for confidential matters
  • Use ‘person-first’ language to encourage development of inclusive and respectful school culture
  • Participate in meaningful and continuous professional development as requested by the school
  • Demonstrate an ability to think creatively and independently both with and without the aid of technology
  • Always maintain visual and auditory supervision and awareness of student to ensure his safety in the school environment, on the playground, during church services, and on field trips
  • Assist with toileting and personal care as needed
  • Address any challenging behaviors with a positive plan of support toward replacing undesired behavior with taught, appropriate behavior as trained by the learning consultant
  • Meet all requirements of actively participating within a St. Louis Archdiocesan school, including attendance at Protecting God’s Children training (2 hour class) and required background checks
  • Complete required documentation and reflection on a daily, weekly basis as designated the school
  • Abide by the policies and rules of the school
  • Perform other duties as directed

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