Principal - Hope Leadership Academy Charter School
Position: Principal
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Executive Director/ Elementary Principal
Job Location: Hope Leadership Academy 2800 E Linwood Blvd.
Beginning: Jul 01, 2022
Deadline: Jul 31, 2022**
District: Hope Leadership Academy Charter School
Kansas City, MO 64128
Telephone: 816-921-1213
Job Description:

POSITION TITLE: Executive Director/Elementary Principal 
REPORTS TO: Board of Directors 
The Executive Director/Elementary Principal is responsible for providing effective instructional leadership and is accountable for  the school’s operation. Major responsibilities include the educational program, professional and classified  staff, student development, facility maintenance and management, fiscal management activities, and  developing effective community relations.  
• Minimum of five (5) years of teaching experience.  
• Elementary Principal certification.  
• Master’s Degree with Specialist Degree preferred.  
• Effective leadership skills and experiences.  
• Proven background in instruction, assessment & professional development.  
• Conducts staff evaluations. 
• Administers student code of conduct. 
• Ensures faculty involvement in the identification and development of goals that improve classroom  instruction and increase student learning.  
• Observes instruction and provides feedback to teachers to improve instruction.  • Provides staff development on an ongoing basis to involve staff in assessing and improving  instruction, improving building communication, improving working relationships in the school, and  improving ways to provide support to staff.  
• Provides an orientation program for new staff members.  
• Monitors student progress throughout the year.  
• Provides for a safe, orderly, positive, and clean school environment.  
• Supports and participates in parent/community activities.  
• Provides for a systematic program of self-evaluation to improve daily performance.  • Informs Board of Directors of problems, progress, and plans in the building as they occur. • Manages resources, personnel, and time in order to provide for effective and efficient day-by-day  operation of the school.  
• All other duties as assigned.  
Facilities, Support and Instructional Resources 
• Oversee the financial affairs of the school and provide the Board of Directors with financial reports  on a monthly basis or as requested. 
• Advise the Board of Directors on matters of finances, policies, facilities and personnel • Maintain the school’s records. 
• Submit all reports and data required by state and federal law. 
• Maintain facilities that are safe, adequate, efficient and conducive for learning. 
• Direct the acquisition of instructional materials, supplies and other equipment necessary for   effective instruction. 
Parent and Community Involvement 
• Represent the school at local events. 
• Serve as an advocate for the school to the public. 
• Build and maintain relationships with community leaders, local government officials and civic   organizations. 
• Serve as the school’s liaison with law enforcement, first responders and other emergency agencies   and personnel. 
• Attend monthly board meetings. 
• Develop agendas for board meetings in consultation with the board president and provide board   members necessary information in advance of all meetings. 
• Delegate duties to members of the administrative team as necessary. 
• Implement the school’s strategic plan. 
• Implement board policy through written administrative procedures.

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