Subject Area Coordinator - West St Francois Co R-IV
Position: Subject Area Coordinator
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: SPED Process Coordinator
Job Location: West County R-IV
Beginning: Aug 01, 2022
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: West St Francois Co R-IV
Leadwood, MO 63653
Telephone: 573-562-7535 EXT 402
Job Description:
TO APPLY: Visit, select "District Info", Click on "Employment" and download the certificated application. Submit completed app to or deliver to the Superintendent's Office.

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SUMMARY:  The process coordinator will be responsible for supervision of the special education process from referral through placement and provision of services, appropriate identification and placement of students will disabilities, and district compliance with local, state, and federal requirements for special education.  He/she will also assist the director of special services in implementing other special services programs.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Master’s degree or equivalent preferred.  Certification in at least one area of special education or related field. Three years of successful experience in special education.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  The duties may include (but are not limited to):
  • Supervision is primarily focused on program oversight. The building principal and/or the Director of Special Education will provide personnel/employment supervision.
  • Acts as LEA for the district in typical special education situations
  • Keeps track of IEP/Evaluation dates to ensure meetings are scheduled before becoming past due
  • Serves as facilitator at all special education,  IEP, and eligibility determination  staffing meetings
  • Keeps minutes of conferences  and obtains required signatures
  • Reviews screening and pre-referral information
  • Conducts staffing to determine if a referral is appropriate action and to develop evaluation plans
  • Conducts parent conferences to review pre-referral, referral and evaluation plans
  • Processes all special education referrals and evaluations from initial referral through the IEP process
  • Coordinates evaluation  process by collecting all testing protocols, conducts the eligibility determination staffing, and completes eligibility  determination  report
  • Keeps forms current to reflect all DESE changes and keeps informed of all legal requirements governing Special Education
  • Provides the needed forms at all IEP meetings
  • Acts as a liaison between parents and teachers, fostering a positive relationship
  • Carefully proof reads, suggests corrections  and approves IEPs before accepted as final version in SIS
  • Participates  in conferences  with administrators, staff, parents, children, and other concerned parties to formulate recommendations  for student placements and provision of services
  • Plans and conducts in-service trainings as requested
  • Serves as a resource person to teachers and administrators.
  • Maintains student special education records in an orderly, organized manner and update as necessary to ensure compliance with state and federal mandates
  • Meets timelines as delineated  by IDEA in the special education process
  • Compiles, disseminates,  and monitors Individual Education Programs for all contractual  students i.e. State School and other Districts
  • Coordinates transportation  services for IEP students when transportation  is listed as a related service
  • Facilitates smooth transitions  for students entering kindergarten,  intermediate, middle, and high school
  • Gathers all evaluation  reports, current therapy scripts, progress reports, medical information  and other information pertinent to the educational  needs of students with a disability
  • Provides guidance and training on current legislation pertaining to reauthorization of IDEA as requested
  • Coordinates the referral/evaluation/placement of transfer students
  • Reports identified areas of noncompliance to the Director of Special Education
  • Provides instructional  support to educational  staff as needed to enhance the provision of services to special education students
  • Attends meetings  to explore up-to-date program models to more effectively meet the needs of individual students
  • Assists principals or staff in working with parents of a child with a disability as needed
  • Coordinates special education classroom  programs and assists with the training and implementation of new program models
  • Responsible for compiling and maintaining  all records or data necessary for reimbursement  of funds and reports legally required, useful, or requested by the Director of Student Services
  • Interprets the objectives  and programs of the Special Education services to the staff and the public


** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.