Coordinator - Farmington R-VII
Position: Coordinator
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Special Services Process Coordinator
Job Location: Farmington R-7 School District
Deadline: Feb 01, 2022**
District: Farmington R-VII
Farmington, MO 63640
Telephone: 573-701-1300 EXT 2018
Job Description:
Reports To:  Building Principal and Director of Special Services
Education and Experience: 
  • Minimum of Master's degree
  • 2 Yrs. Education experience
  • Full Certification in Mild-Moderate Cross Cat., grades K-12, and additionally,
  • Masters Degree; preferred, but not required, in Counseling, Administration or Special Education.
  • Other Education, Experience, or Certification deemed equivalent by Administration and the Board of Education
Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:
  • Maintains confidentiality of information gained through the performance and location of the position
  • Provides staff with technical assistance in areas such as assessment, curriculum modification, use of materials and equipment, and management of student behavior
  • Reviews screening, AIS procedures, and pre-referral information
  • Conducts staffings to determine if a referral is appropriate action and to develop evaluation plans
  • Conducts parent conferences to review pre-referral, referral and evaluation plans
  • Coordinates evaluation process by collecting all of the evaluation reports, conducts the evaluation staffings, and completes evaluation summaries
  • Reviews evaluation summaries with parents/guardians
  • Participates in conferences with administrators, staff, parents, children, and other concerned parties to formulate recommendations for student placements and provision of services
  • Plans and conducts in-service training
  • Acts as LEA representative for the district
  • Assists program administrators in preparation of budget and development of program goals
  • Addresses public to elicit support and explain program objectives
  • Maintains special service student records
  • Complies with policy, procedures, guidelines, regulations, state/local PL94-142 compliance plan and law
  • Develops and maintains cooperative communications between the school and parents
  • Develops and maintains two-way supportive communication with school staff
  • Other duties as necessary and assigned
 *This position is a teacher contract plus 10 extra days.

This posting will remain open for a minimum of five days, however, after the five days, the District reserves the right to close the posting for this position when a suitable applicant has been identified.

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** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.