Safety / Security Position - Fox C-6 School District
Position: Safety / Security Position
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Security Officer - High School
Job Location: Seckman High School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Fox C-6 School District
Arnold, MO 63010
Telephone: 636-296-8000
Job Description:
POSITION TITLE:              Security Guard
STATUS:                          175 Day Employee, plus an additional 24 days when summer school is held at the employee’s assigned location.
FLSA STATUS:                   Non-Exempt
REPORTS TO:                    Building Administrator
POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for assisting in securing a safe environment for all students, faculty and staff.  Works under direct supervision of assigned building administrator.
  1. Walk indoor school property and monitor the movement of students, staff and visitors.
  2. Assess the safety of the premises via walk-thru checks and inspections.
  3. Maintain a high degree of visibility in assigned areas.
  4. Roam assigned areas when students occupy them.
  5. Demonstrate complete engagement in assigned area activity.
  6. Transport students to and from administrator’s offices when requested.
  7. Ascertain why a student is not in an assigned area.
  8. Question any strangers in the school building or on campus.
  9. Act as the “eyes and ears” of the administration through constant observation and by interviewing any individuals not in assigned areas.
  10. Maintain a constant accurate flow of that information to the administration.
  11. Report information to the proper authority in a timely manner.
  12. Provide “eyewitness” information to administration for future security use.
  13. Interact in a professional and controlled manner at all times.
  14. Remain as neutral as possible in a dispute.
  15. Be a role model of professionalism for all students.
  16. Wear all identification that is required by the administration at all times.
  17. Encourage students to maintain order at all times.
  18. Encourage students to cooperate with staff at all times.
  19. Identify physical impairments around the school building or campus that would impede safety or security.
  20. Maintain a professional demeanor in all situations.
  21. Manage disruptive student behavior in a professional manner at all times.
  22. Write all required reports, memos, or necessary communications.
  23. Be aware of and maintain confidentiality issues for students, staff, and parents.
  24. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all school matters.
  25. Monitor students during bus drop off, arrival, and after school.
  26. Circulate throughout cafeteria during breakfast and lunch periods. Monitor students in cafeteria waiting in line and at tables while eating.
  27. Inspect restrooms to ensure students are not loitering or damaging facilities. Request assistance of person of the opposite sex when needed for restroom inspections.
  28. Report all damage or writing on walls to the administration office.
  29. Walk and/or drive district property and monitor the vehicular movements of students, staff, and visitors.
  30. Engage visitors in conversation to determine whether the person should be on the campus.
  31. Communicate with students and check I.D. badges as necessary.
  32. Direct traffic on district property.
  33. Maintain vigilance regarding any suspicious vehicles or person and notify the appropriate administrator or police department.
  34. Physically check all outside doors to every building on every shift to ensure that they are locked.
  35. Vary patterns of movement on patrol to prevent setting identifiable pattern.
  36. Assist with monitoring students assigned to detention or other after-school activities.
  37. Other duties as assigned.
  1. Minimum of sixty (60) semester hours from an accredited college or university.
  2. Valid Missouri driver’s license required.
  3. Security guard training and/or certification preferred.
  4. Prior experience in a security-related field preferred.
  5. Prior experience working with youth preferred.
  6. Positive, caring manner with students.
  7. Friendly, helpful attitude in working with students and staff. 
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** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.