Classroom Teacher - Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Elementary School Classes
Job Title: Second Grade Teacher
Job Location: Visitation Catholic School
Beginning: Aug 09, 2021
Deadline: Jul 15, 2021**
Certificate: Elementary Education
District: Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph
Kansas City, MO 64105
Telephone: 816-714-2349
Job Description:
Visitation Catholic School is seeking teacher applicants for a 2nd grade position for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. Qualified candidates are dedicated, energetic teaching professionals with at least a bachelor’s degree in elementary or early childhood education and a valid teaching certificate.  

Job Summary: The teacher plans, guided, and evaluates the learning process of the students within the framework of the school's philosophy, organization, and curriculum. The teacher provides the appropriate learning atmosphere and activities designed to maximize student competencies and skills for intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual growth. The teacher has decision-making responsibilities in keeping with school policies and the Diocesan Schools Administrative Manual.
Duties and Responsibilities:
· Supports and upholds the philosophy of Catholic education and the mission of the school
· Acts as a witness to the Gospel values by modeling the teachings of the Catholic Church
· Supports and adheres to the Code of Conduct and policies and procedures of the school and Diocese
· Maintains confidentiality regarding school matters
· Plans for instruction with specific student objectives and logically sequenced instruction based on the approved diocesan standards
· Uses appropriate materials and resources for students to engage in learning
· Uses effective instructional methods according to professional best practice
· Uses a variety of formative and summative assessments
· Maintains current and accurate records
· Practices positive, consistent discipline in the management of the classroom 
· Contacts parents when necessary for either academic or behavioral concerns
· Conferences with parents upon request and responds to messages in a timely manner
· Meets professional learning guidelines as set forth by the Diocesan Schools Administrative Manual
· Demonstrates professional work habits by regular attendance, honoring schedules/deadlines, organizing work, and conducting assigned tasks in an effective and efficient manner
· Keeps the Principal informed of areas of need and concern
· Follows the Diocesan curriculum guide and covers all required content
· Serves on committees and performs other duties as directed by the Principal
· Collaborates with peers to enhance the work environment and supports instructional planning
· Demonstrates gains in student performance that are in keeping with school goals
· Demonstrates a willingness to respond to individual learning needs 
· Attends school-wide functions and special events as required
· Maintains professionalism in dress and hygiene

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:
· Knowledge of the basic teachings of the Catholic Church
· Knowledge of subjects taught, instructional methods/strategies, and curriculum differentiation
· Knowledge of child development, learning, and behavior
· Able to manage student behavior in classroom setting
· Able to communicate effectively both written and verbal
· Able to work well with others in the school community
· Skill in handling multiple tasks simultaneously
· Skill in pacing and differentiating instruction
· Skill in motivating and engaging students in the learning process
· Skill in organizing and relating information in an understandable format
· Skill in job appropriate technology
· Skill in critical thinking and planning 
· Able to use appropriate technology including computer, smart board, projector, handheld devices, etc.
· Bachelor’s Degree in Education
· Teaching certificate with the appropriate endorsement
· Ideal candidate has 2-3 years teaching experience minimum

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
**** REAP Applicants: If you want to notify the school district of your interest in this job, click here.