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Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Student Success Coach
Job Location: Academy For Integrated Arts
Beginning: Aug 01, 2021
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Academy for Integrated Arts-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64131
Telephone: 816-444-1720
Job Description:
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The Academy for Integrated Arts (AFIA) is an innovative, arts integrated school. Our school community is reflective, dedicated and caring. The unique vision of AFIA embraces arts instruction integrated into the core curriculum as a meaningful part of what students do every day. Additionally, instruction is from a strong constructivist viewpoint and is delivered with developmentally appropriate practices. We are a growing school, thus we must hire new teachers each year. AFIA is a fantastic community in which to work with an emphasis on teacher leadership. AFIA is a true learning community, as everyone in the building, from students to staff engage in reflective, meaningful learning on a daily basis. To learn more go to 

Job Description:
Staff Members of AFIA will:
  • Have a strong urban serving mission
  • Value the power of school in changing and improving children’s lives
  • Have a strong understanding of and ability to implement constructivism
  • Value the presence and the voice of students’ families as partners in the school
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to work collaboratively with others in a team environment
  • Be a reflective practitioner, committed to continual growth as an AFIA staff member 
The responsibilities could include, but are not limited to:
  • Monitoring students within a variety of settings (e.g. Student Success Center, playgrounds, hallways, cafeteria, dismissal, etc.) 
  • Provide positive reinforcement to students (e.g. encouragement, consistency, positive attitude, etc.) for the purpose of supporting students in meeting individual goals and school-wide behavioral expectations 
  • Supporting students with: learning/applying self-regulation and problem-solving skills and strategies, reflecting on choices, accepting responsibility for actions, developing a plan for restoration, taking and planning for success developing a plan for restoration identifying/practicing proactive self-regulation and problem-solving strategies  
  • Maintaining a variety of instructional materials and/or student files/records (e.g. incident reports, student success plans, discipline records, etc.) for the purpose of documenting incidents, ensuring availability of items, and supporting students academically, socially and emotionally
  • Collaborating with members of the Student Support Team to analyze student data and determine action steps 
  • Helping develop and implement student success plans for Tier 2 and Tier 3 students
  • Engaging in powerful, productive partnerships with staff, families and students to ensure that social and emotional instruction meets the needs of all students
  • Evaluating student progress specific to behavioral, emotional and mental health concerns and the effects on academic progress
  • Working directly with teachers and staff to meet the behavioral needs of students
  • Assisting parents/guardians in effectively participating in their child’s education and strengthening their parenting skills
  • Serving as an active member of the AFIA Family Advisory Committee 
  • Engaging parents/guardians as partners on behalf of their children
Minimum Qualifications
  • Minimum of 60 college hours
  • Experience working with children 
  • Excellent communications, oral and written skills
  • Strong collaborative and problem-solving skills
Preferred Qualifications
  • Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Social Work, Education or a related field
  • Knowledge and experience with Conscious Discipline and Responsive Classroom
This position is full time.
Start Date: August, 2021
Job is open until filled.
To Apply:  Submit materials via Bamboo HR.
Compensation:  Commensurate with experience  
To apply, please submit all materials via

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