School Counselor - Kingston K-14
Position: School Counselor
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Guidance Counselor
Job Location: Kingston K-14 School District
Beginning: Aug 13, 2021
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Kingston K-14
Cadet, MO 63630
Telephone: 573-438-4982 EXT 6
Job Description:
Interested applicants should apply using the district's online application system which can be found at this link:Online Application
JOB TITLE: School Counselor 
1. Meet all legal and state requirements established by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for a Secondary Counselor's certificate.
2. Successful experience in public education, with a minimum of two years as a classroom teacher.
3. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education may find appropriate.
REPORTS TO: Building Principal and Director of Student Services
JOB GOAL: To provide a comprehensive guidance program for the students in grade levels to be determined that includes a guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and system support with a possible emphasis on preparation for transition to Post-Secondary Training.
1. Implement the appropriate grade level guidance curriculum.
a. Conduct guidance learning activities in the classroom or guidance center as planned with the input of the school administration and teachers.
 b. Act as a resource person for the teachers to assist with the implementation of the guidance learning activities into the regular classroom curriculum.
2. Guide and counsel individual students and groups, through the development of educational and/or career plans.
a. Assist with the orientation of new students to the school.
b. Guide students in evaluating and updating their four-year plan annually to determine their current status for graduation.
c. Assist in the registration and enrollment of students.
d. Guide groups, individuals, and parents in how to use test results for education and/or career planning.
e. Guide all students in developing tentative career plans.
f. Assist with scholarships, financial aid, and college admissions applications.
g. Coordinate selection of a student for Missouri Scholars Academy and Missouri Fine Arts Academy.
h. Coordinate selection of students for various outside leadership training opportunities.
3. Counsel small groups and individual students with problems.
a. Conduct counseling sessions to meet the needs of groups of or individual students. Topics for these sessions may include sexuality issues, suicide, substance abuse, self-concept, academic problems, attendance, and behavior problems, peer problems, and family issues.
b. Act as an advocate for students in conjunction with the other staff as appropriate.
4. Coordinate, conduct, or participate in activities that contribute to the operation of the school.
a. Interpret group test results to the faculty and staff.
b. Assist in the placement of students with special needs in the appropriate programs (i.e.special education, gifted, 
learning disabilities, 504 plans, etc.).
c. Participate as a team member in the implementation of the district testing program by coordinating PLAN test, PSAT
Test, ASVAB Test, and EOC testing.
5. Consult with teachers, staff, and parents regarding the developmental needs of students.
a. Participate in and conduct in-service programs for faculty and staff.
c. Conduct and participate in conferences with teachers, students, and parents.
d. Assist families with school-related problems.
e. Provide opportunities for parent education programs.
6. Refer students with severe problems to the appropriate community agencies in consultation with their parents and school administration.
a. Consult with school personnel and community agencies to provide services for students.
7. Assists with public relations programs in the community.
8. Evaluate and revise the building guidance program.
a. Review and evaluate with the staff and administration the guidance program and learning activities.
b. Review and revise the guidance calendar to meet the needs of the guidance program.
9. Pursue professional growth.
a. Attend state, local, relevant workshops, conferences, and staff development programs.
b. Join professional organizations (MSCA, AACD, etc.).
c. Read current professional journals.
10. Assume such other duties as assigned by supervisor or administrative personnel.
Salary, workday, and year to be established by the Board of Education. Counselors will be employed additional days beyond the normal teaching contract year with the number of days being determined upon hire.
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated utilizing a performance-based system according to the Board of Education Policy for certificated personnel. 

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.