Social Worker - Sullivan C-2 School District
Position: Social Worker
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: School Based School Worker/School-Home Coordinator
Job Location: Sullivan School District
Beginning: Aug 01, 2021
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Sullivan C-2 School District
Sullivan, MO 63080
Telephone: 573-468-5171
Job Description:
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 School Based Social Worker assists students by providing strategic services that identify and address the social, emotional, and environmental issues that interfere with the educational process.  Working with parents/guardians, teachers, administration, and community based resources, the school based social worker implements strategies that promote students’ positive school adjustment.  The School Based Social Worker is a member of the district personnel that make up support services.
Major Function:  Identify Student, Family and School Needs
Effectively and appropriately assesses and addresses the needs, characteristics, and interactions of students, families, LEA personnel, and community.
  • Uses student, family and school assessment results to identify needs that affect student progress.
  • Develop appropriate strategies for students, families, schools, and communities.
  • Develops long-term and short-term intervention plans consistent with curriculum; students’ needs, strengths, diversity and life experiences; and social and emotional factors.
  • Uses a variety of appropriate formal and informal tools and techniques including observations and interviews to evaluate the progress and performance of students and families.
  • Addresses the needs of school, student, families, and community by collaboration with the Student Assistance Teams (SAT) to design a holistic approach to any barriers or problems with the educational process.
  • Consults with parents regarding ways they can help their child become effective in school.
  • Consults with staff and teachers on school and student needs and consults with administrators with issues relative to IDEA, 504, Safe Schools, etc; assist administrators with issues relative to the Children’s Division and Washington, Franklin, and Crawford County Courts.
Major Function:  Advocacy__-Advocates for appropriate services for students and their families.
  • Serves as liaison between school, families, and community agencies.
  • Effectively utilizes community resources to serve family and student needs.
  • Serves as school liaison to the Children’s Division and Family Courts.
  • Identifies and develops strategies to improve the factors that contribute to a student’s excessive absences; assists schools in developing and following procedures related to attendance concerns.
  • Provides input to assure that student’s educational, social, emotional, and material needs are met in accordance with established laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Advocates and facilitates change that effectively responds to the needs of students, families, and school systems using appropriate statutes, state law, district policies and procedures.
  • Promotes services to students and their families within the context of multicultural understanding and competence that enhances families;’ support of students learning experiences.
  • Assists the school in planning programs that prevent, reduce or alleviate situations which interfere with the learning process of students; facilitates support for preventive education (drug awareness, child abuse, sexual harassment, attendance, etc.); participates in school research.
  • Maintains accurate, complete, and punctual records and safeguards the confidential nature of student information as required by law, district policy, and administrative directions.


** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.