Classroom Teacher - Eagle College Preparatory Schools
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Special Education
Job Title: Special Education Teacher
Job Location: EAGLE College Prep St. Louis
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Mild/Mod. Cross Category Disabilities
District: Eagle College Preparatory Schools
St. Louis, MO 63118
Telephone: 262-542-9546
Job Description:
Position Overview: EAGLE College Prep is seeking a strategic and dynamic Special Education Teacher with a cross categorical certification who is committed to collaborating with the team to ensure dramatic student achievement for all students. The Special Education Teacher is passionate about supporting the students who are at-risk for academic under performance due to emotional and/or physical challenges so that they can succeed in the school's rigorous academic program. Our students work extremely hard and are held to very high expectations regarding both academic achievement and character development. Achieving these high standards requires a commitment to loving our students, an unyielding belief that all children can and must succeed, and a passion for developing the character of a serving leader in every child.

  • Set and hold students to extremely high academic and behavior standards.
  • Take personal responsibility for the academic outcomes of every student delivering measurable academic growth and helping our students meet the goals laid out in their IEP's.
  • Identifying, selecting, and modifying instructional resources and teaching methods to meet the needs of a diverse student population.
  • Set measurable, ambitious, and attainable goals for the year and each interim assessment cycle.
  • Ensure a setting that meets the needs of - all students / a diverse student population including, but not limited to, students with special needs, students whose first language is not English, and students from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Develop a positive, achievement-oriented and structured learning environment so that all students are invested in their academic excellence and can fulfill their potential.
  • Build rapport with students, parents, and families so they understand unambiguously that teachers love them.
  • Continually improve teaching skills by seeking out constructive feedback and professional development opportunities.
  • Maintain accurate and complete records, including but not limited to: attendance, behavior, student achievement data, grades, progress reports, parent communication, text books, etc.
  • Support the success of all EAGLE Schools; sharing best practices with other school leaders and providing input to improve regional and school teams.

  • Two years of special education teaching experience with a record of high student achievement in an urban setting preferred.
  • A demonstrated passion for and commitment to the mission to build a high-performing, growing network of schools that dramatically impact students' academic and character development.
  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills.
  • Demonstrated mastery and enthusiasm for content knowledge.
  • Strong organization, planning, and time management skills.
  • A tireless work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative solution finder.
  • Serving Leader able to continually confront the brutal facts, and inspire, equip, and support the school to achieve its mission.
  • Open to feedback and committed to continuously improving.
  • Personal qualities: passionate, relentless work ethic, humility, positive in the face of incredible challenges, and loving.

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