Activities / Athletics (not state certified) - Valley Park School District
Position: Activities / Athletics (not state certified)
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Head Cross Country Coach
Job Location: Valley Park High School
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Valley Park School District
Valley Park, MO 63088
Telephone: 636-923-3695
Job Description:
To apply, please visit:

Description: The Valley Park School District invites passionate, energetic, student-centered coaches to apply for the position of Head Cross-Country Coach for the 2020-2021 school year. The ideal candidate possesses both a high level of knowledge of running and developing students for competition, but also a passion for helping student-athletes grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically today in preparation for tomorrow.
Essential duties and responsibilities include: 
  • Hold organizational meetings for team prospects and encourages potential student-athletes to participate in the sport;
  • Establish performance criteria for participation in the sport;
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses in participants’ performance as well as provide encouragement and constructive feedback;
  • Develop a regular practice schedule and organizes practice time to provide both individual and team development;
  • Establish and maintain high standards of student-athlete behavior;
  • Provide supervision of all student-athletes until they have left the building and/or site;
  • Act as a positive role model to students on and off the court/field/site;
  • Monitor the academic performance of participants to ensure that eligibility requirements are met and encourage student-athletes to maintain a high academic standard;
  • Follow established procedures in the event of an athlete’s injury;
  • Assist in selecting, mentoring, and evaluating assistant coaches;
  • Develop a consistent and positive communication procedure through the school and media to inform the parents and the general public about the sport;
  • Maintain an accurate database of student-athlete information to assist in the collegiate recruiting process;
  • Ability to prepare a budget as well as inventory and maintain equipment;
  • Recommend purchase of equipment, supplies, and uniforms;
  • Record accurate statistics and results of the season and submits copies to the Activities Office;
  • Work with the Dead of Student Activities to schedule facility use;
  • Maintain accurate team and program rosters and submits copies to the Activities Office;
  • Work with the Dean of Student Activities to meet MSHSAA and Title IX requirements; and
  • Perform other duties as dictated by law or assigned by the Principal, Dean of Student Activities, and/or Superintendent.  
Position:  Part-time temporary, season-specific
Education:  Bachelor’s degree
Certification: Per MSHSAA rules, head coaches are required to hold a professional teacher’s certificate or NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching Course passed prior to coaching.
Experience:  3-5 years of coaching experience preferred.  Working with school-aged children and a background in education is strongly desired.
Compensation: Based on experience. 
Benefits:  Not eligible
FLSA Status:  Exempt, Professional Exemption-Teacher.

To apply, please visit:

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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