School Counselor - Diocese of Jefferson City
Position: School Counselor
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Catholic School Counselor
Job Location: Diocese of Jefferson City, Jefferson City
Beginning: Aug 01, 2020
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Diocese of Jefferson City
Jefferson City, MO 65110
Telephone: 573-635-9127 EXT 248
Job Description:
The Westphalia Deanery for the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO is currently seeking a school counselor to be shared with St. George in Linn, Sacred Heart in Rich Fountain, Holy Family in Freeburg, St. Joseph in Westphalia, Immaculate Conception in Loose Creek, St. Mary in Frankenstein, and St. Thomas the Apostle  in St. Thomas. Applicants should complete and submit an application to the Catholic School Office at   The job description follows:
Westphalia Deanery Catholic School Counselor
Counselor Job Description:
The major function of the elementary school counselor is to develop and manage a
comprehensive Pre-K-8 th grade school counseling program focused on the following:
1. To live and celebrate life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
2. To provide a good Christian model and discipleship to the students, faculty, and parents.
3. To encourage the students to become disciples of Christ by developing inner discipline,
character, morals, and values.
4. To have a minimum of a master’s degree in school guidance and counseling or working
towards a master’s with two years of working experience in a related field.
Manage special topics under the direction of school administrators and pastors:
1. Incorporate Catholic Christian values by making classroom presentations (once
monthly?) about topics of bullying, cyber safety, friendship, helping others, manners,
leadership, motivation, self-respect, cooperation, kindness, respect for others,
self-esteem. etc.
2. Implement developmentally appropriate and prevention-oriented group activities to meet
student needs and school goals.
3. Welcome and manage the needs of new students.
4. Provide direct services through individual student planning as well as preventive and
responsive services.
5. Coordinate classroom management for students receiving private psychological services,
and provide support for them in accomplishing goals set through their treatment.
6. Consult with parents, teachers, and administration about student needs and school goals.
7. Provide parent/teacher education about pertinent topics.
8. Help students (and teachers) to know, identify and accept their needs (personal, social,
and academic).
9. Encourage better interpersonal relationships.
10. Promote positive attitudes and choices.
11. Make use of community resources such as OCADCAT and Council for Drug Free youth.
12. Coordinate referrals to outside agencies.
13. Maintain confidentiality.
14. Help to develop the school counselor position in the Westphalia Deaneryto be sustainable
within the collective school systems.
15. Travel regularly to all the Catholic schools within the Westphalia Deanery.
16. The counselor will work under the direction of the building principal where they are

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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