All Other Positions - Willard R-II
Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
Job Location: Willard School District
Deadline: Apr 03, 2020**
District: Willard R-II
Willard, MO 65781
Telephone: 417-742-2584 EXT 4005
Job Description:
Position: Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)
  1. Board Certified Behavior Analyst Certification registered within the State of Missouri 
  2. Masters in Special Education, Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis or related field with specialized knowledge of behavioral health and treatment philosophies/practices 
  3. A minimum of three years experience in working with students on the Autism spectrum.
  4. Experience in school setting preferred.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 
  1. Possess strong communication skills. 
  2. Maturity - Be able to remain emotionally distanced from what is happening in order to analyze the individual and the environment.
  3. Compassion - Remain objective while also identifying with the challenges people face.
  4. Accessible - Interact with people in any environment, which means the analyst has to be approachable in a variety of settings.
  5. Listening Skills - The analyst has to be vigilant and observant to catch the nuances and unspoken cues that might not be completely obvious at first.
  6. Curiosity - Possess a natural curiosity to drive the individual forward and keep the analyst enthusiastic about learning more about a person, situation, or environment. 

Performance Responsibilities:
  1. Design, develop, and implement management/behavioral interventions in the general education or special education classroom
  2. Provide and direct staff training and professional development on behavior interventions and supports
  3. Meet with teachers/staff for consultations on developmental and behavioral challenges
  4. Work with certified teachers, counselors, Director of MTSS/Federal Programs, student assistance teams, Burrell Behavioral Health site-based staff, and the Director of Special Services in developing FBA/BIP procedures and paperwork
  5. Conduct Functional Behavior Assessments as requested and Classroom Needs Assessments
  6. Implement/maintain records and assist staff with data collection, review, and modify treatment as needed
  7. Engage and confer with members of the MTSS or Special Education teams to discuss and evaluate student information for the planning, modification, and treatment as needed
  8. Train, supervise, and evaluate Registered Behavior Technicians to support student intervention plans or special education services
2020-2021 School Year
Type of Position: Certified
Reports to: Director of MTSS/Federal Programs in conjunction with Director of Special Services
Evaluated by: Director of MTSS/Federal Programs

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.