Classroom Teacher - University City School District
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Activities
Job Title: GATE Teacher
Job Location: Jackson Park Elementary
Beginning: Aug 01, 2020
Deadline: Open until filled **
Certificate: Gifted Education
Certificate: Gifted Education
Certificate: Gifted Education
District: University City School District
University City, MO 63130
Telephone: 314-290-4028
Job Description:
  • Implements a challenging differentiated curriculum that meets the needs of gifted students
  • Provides academically challenging and engaging content and feedback and assessment during instruction
  • Identifies, selects, and modifies instructional resources to meet the needs of the gifted students with varying backgrounds, learning styles, and special needs
  • Uses Board-approved GATE eligibility assessments and GATE procedures to determine the appropriate placement of all applicants
  • Serves as a resource person for the classroom teachers, providing materials, methods, and ideas to ensure appropriate educational experiences for gifted students in mainstream classrooms
  • Facilitates and coordinates professional development for building staff to promote building-wide differentiation and enrichment during instruction
  • Collaborates with gifted education teachers District-wide to assess changing curricular needs and to offer suggested improvements to develop curriculum, review assessment data, etc.
  • Has knowledge and understanding of the cognitive, social, and emotional characteristics found in gifted students as a result of their a-typical mental development K – 12 GIFTED & TALENTED EDUCATION (GATE) TEACHER
  • Creates an environment in which the gifted can use their strengths, explore their personal and interpersonal development, risk new areas of thought and action and feel a challenged
  • Nurtures creativity in all its aspects of thinking, feeling, intuiting, and expressing talent through projects.
  • Models professional and ethical standards when dealing with students, parents, peers, and community
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with students, parents, and schools, as prescribed by the school's Professional Learning Community values and beliefs.
  • Demonstrates the ability to reduce the academic achievement gap.
  • Participates in District and building professional development activities
  • Meets professional obligations through efficient work habits such as meeting deadlines, honoring schedules, coordinating parent conferences, Open House, grading deadlines, etc.
  • Knowledge and appropriate use of District textual, curricular and assessment materials.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direct supervision
  • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in writing
  • Knowledge of effective multi-tasking and organizational skills
  • Ability to utilize information/communication technology to enhance instructional methodology.
  • Ability to diffuse and avoid non-productive conflict with parents, students, staff and administration.   
ESSENTIAL QUALIFICATIONS The qualifications noted below are required/preferred to enable the employee to perform the essential duties/responsibilities of this position.
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree preferred
  • Missouri GATE certification
  • Teaching experience or equivalent in a diverse educational environment
  • Pre-service student teaching or equivalent in an elementary or secondary school? Superior interpersonal relationship skills required

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.