Activities / Athletics (not state certified) - Cardinal Ritter College Prep
Position: Activities / Athletics (not state certified)
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Athletic Director
Job Location: Cardinal Ritter College Prep
Beginning: Oct 24, 2019
Deadline: Dec 01, 2019**
District: Cardinal Ritter College Prep
St. Louis, MO 63108
Telephone: 314-446-5504
Job Description:

Coordinates and monitors the school's interscholastic athletic program:
  1. Makes appropriate recommendations to the administration regarding coaching appointments
  2. Ensures that coaches are provided with all pertinent information regarding policies that govern the athletic program
  3. Evaluates coaches at the direction of the administration
  4. Ensures that archdiocesan, local school, and Missouri State High School Activities Association policies are followed
  5. Submits a budget for the athletic program and administers the program within the parameters of the approved budget
  6. Schedules and/or approves the schedules of all athletic contests in a timely manner
  7. Ensures that appropriate logistical arrangements are made for all athletic contests held at the school site and at locations for which the school is responsible
  8. Provides appropriate personnel and procedures for crowd control and safety at athletic contests
  9. Ensures that regulations regarding eligibility, physicals, insurance, and transportation are followed
  10. Maintains and inventories all athletic equipment and supplies
  11. Regularly inspects athletic equipment and facilities and provides for their maintenance and repair
  12. Plans for appropriate upgrade and replacement of athletic equipment
  13. Promotes the proper care of athletic facilities and equipment
  14. Keeps appropriate records and statistics
  15. Represents the school appropriately at athletic organizations
  16. Seeks feedback from all groups before decisions are made
  17. Yearly surveys parents, coaches, and athletes
  18. Responds to constituents within 24 hours
  19. Seeks partnerships with grade school and middle school organizations
  20. Facilitates the success of new programs (Soccer Program)
  21. Establishes  relationships with former Cardinal Ritter Prep athletes
  22. Brands the sports program within the building
  23. Seeks sponsorships from Athletic and Thirst Quencher organizations
  24. Establishes and supervises a Booster Club for support of the Athletic Program
  25. Performs other duties assigned by the President 
Length of Duties
 Twelve months (July-June)

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelors of Science or higher in education preferred
  • Three years of classroom teaching experience preferred
  • Teacher certification preferred
  • Demonstration and evidence of strong interpersonal relation skills; with the ability to work with students, parents, faculty, staff members, and others in a Christ-like manner
  • Demonstration and evidence in using computers and other technological peripherals
  • Demonstration and evidence in word processing (Google Platform), correspondence writing (letters, memos, and email), and generating reports
  • Demonstration and evidence in a variety of office and school computer software programs
  • Demonstration and evidence of the ability to effectively communicate to a different audience
Interested candidates should submit their resume, three letters of recommendation, a letter of interest, college transcripts, copy of certification and other supporting documents to: 

Detra McMurray
Cardinal Ritter College Prep High School
701 North Spring Ave.
St. Louis, MO   63108


** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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