Assistant Principal - JTC Boys Academy
Position: Assistant Principal
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Assistant Principal
Job Location: 353 N 88th St, Centreville Il
Beginning: May 24, 2019
Deadline: Jul 23, 2019**
District: JTC Boys Academy
Centerville, IL 62207
Telephone: 618-332-3630
Job Description:
Position:  Licensed Assistant Principal Salary:   $55,000-$68,000 Benefits:  Medical/Dental and 401 K Requirements:  Illinois Type 75-Administrative(Required) and LBS-1(Preferred), PBIS Experience a plus
 About Our School JTC Academy is a Special Education Therapeutic Day School that creates a nurturing and challenging environment in which all students achieve success, develop personal responsibility, and become lifelong learners. We promote partnerships with students, parents, businesses and the community.  Our priority is to utilize effective teaching practices and current technology, and to provide quality and comprehensive academic, career and life skill experiences.
 Working at JTC Academy JTC Academy provide a supportive culture where everything we do fosters our belief that students can redeem themselves and turn past attitudes, beliefs and behaviors into positive, constructive, life-long success.  We have “High Expectations for all Students.” All staff and students are expected to respect the right and dignity of each other at all times.  We recognize and respect everyone’s individuality and diversity. All staff are expected to positively work with students daily and to be in attendance every student day.  We practice the 3 Rs: Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Responsible.
 Summary of Duties The following list of duties is merely a high-level summary of tasks performed by JTC Academy’s Assistant Principals.  It is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties assigned and performed in this role. 1. Instructional Leadership a. Assists in the establishment of goals and objectives for the school. b. Provides leadership in planning, implementing and evaluating instructional programs. c. Provides leadership in teaching techniques, innovation and class organization. d. Represent the building administrative team on school district committees as assigned. e. Coordinate student teachers and other university observers within building as assigned. f. Manage specific academic departments as assigned. 2. Staff Personnel a. Assists in the process of interviewing, evaluating, and selecting new staff members. b. Assists in the determination of staff needs. c. Assists in working with individual staff needs. d. Evaluate personnel and assist in the determination of goals to improve performance. e. Prepare formal evaluations as directed by Board policy and administrative regulations. f. Coordinates the revision of the teacher handbook as assigned. g. Coordinate teacher, mentorship in services. 3. Curriculum Development a. Shall assist in the direction, supervision, and evaluation of the building instructional program. b. Assists in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the instructional program by being responsible for teacher implementation of the curriculum.
c. Assists in providing the leadership necessary to ensure that each teacher is following the Graded Course of Study. d. Oversee new course proposal process as requested. e. Coordinate, organize, and publish Course Selection Handbook annually as assigned. f. Manage student course registration through guidance as assigned. g. Coordinate and facilitate the development of the building master schedule:  courses, sections, and teacher schedules as assigned. h. Assists with and/or coordinates inspections and visitations by State or National Educational agencies as assigned. 4. Pupil Personnel a. Assists in the planning and implementing of programs for the health, safety and welfare of the students in the building. b. Supervises extra and co-curricular activities in the school at the direction of the Executive Director. c. Enforces and establishes disciplinary procedures which allows due process to the rights of students; familiarizes students, staff, and parents with the disciplinary procedures; compiles the annual discipline report; revises and reviews all behavior reports and suspension paperwork. d. Maintains attendance procedures which allows due process to the rights of students; familiarizes students, staff, and parents with the attendance procedures; hears and acts on attendance problems referred by attendance personnel as assigned by the executive director. e. Plans and supervises all emergency preparedness programs including fire and tornado drills as assigned by the executive director. f. Establishes and maintains the various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which are sponsored by the school; recruits and supervises the faculty advisor for each student activity; implements the rules governing the students participating in student activities; assists the executive director in the planning for the graduation; supervises extra co-curricular activities in the school at the direction of the executive director. g. Coordinates special academic programs and award programs as assigned. 

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