Assistant Principal - Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis
Position: Assistant Principal
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Assistant Principal of Academics
Job Location: Gateway Science Academy South
Beginning: Jul 01, 2019
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Gateway Science Academy of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63139
Telephone: 314-932-7513
Job Description:
Assistant Principal of Academics General Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Attend parent teacher conferences
  2. Be part of the Educational Audits conducted by Sponsor (work together with Principal
  3. Assist and organize professional development/teacher orientation programs (work together with Principal)
  4. Evaluation and selection of educational support materials along (work together with Director) (e.g. textbooks, software, lab supplies, multimedia, etc)
  5. Arranging subs on a daily basis
  6. Student Database (Entering and updating student and course schedules)
  7. Preparation for Award Assemblies
  1. Supervise standardized test preparation and evaluation (work together with Principal
  2. Test Coordinating for both Statewide and school wide tests
  • Placement Tests during Student Orientation
  • Practice Tests (4 times a year)
  • Pre and Post testing
  • MAP Testing
  • WIDA(ELL Assessment)
  1. Assisting teachers come up with quality assessments (work together with Principal)
  2. Help teachers analyze the practice test data (work together with Principal)
  3. Meet with teachers after each practice assessment, go over their action plans and provide them support in different instructional strategies to use in the classroom (work together with Principal)
  1. Teacher observation: Observing classroom teachers once a month. Other teachers (specials, ESL, SPED, Title, Sub) will be observed once a quarter by the Principal. (Pre and post meetings, + Written feedback) ???
  2. Attend Leadership Meetings
  3. Attend grade chair and department meetings as needed
  4. Monitor SPED and ESL programs (schedules and implementation)
  5. Monitor Title-1 programs (schedules and implementation)
  6. Monitor instructional plans (syllabus, annual plans, weekly pans etc.) (work together with Director)
  7. Organize Saturday school (student and teacher schedules, curriculum)
  1. Meeting with students regarding their academic progress (class reports and presentations after each practice test)
  2. One-on-one meetings with students to motivate kids towards success when they are in danger of low performance
  3. Contacting parents (call/mail/email) of students who are failing at the end of each quarter.
Please apply by email only to  No phone calls.

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