All Other Positions - Mission: St. Louis Beyond School
Position: All Other Positions
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Beyond School Success Coach AmeriCorps Member
Job Location: St. Louis Language Immersion School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Mission: St. Louis Beyond School
St. Louis, MO 63107
Telephone: 314-363-3115
Job Description:
The Success Coach position is responsible for helping to create and implement a high quality Beyond School Program. This full-time position requires someone who is skilled not only with communication, scheduling, and logistics but also is able to connect with adults and students, alike. The primary focus of the Success Coach’s work with scholars revolves around the scholars’ academic and social/emotional growth and getting them to cultivate habits that will result in life-long success. They must be able to respond with positive, appropriate behavior, even in frustrating situations with at-risk youth. Success Coaches report to the Beyond School Site Coordinator and must be willing to take direction, voice ideas in a respectful manner, and function as a team member with other Beyond School team members.
  • Participate in Beyond School Team meetings and Professional Development/Service Trainings to develop and implement a high-quality program
  • Service hours include: ~10:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. Monday-Friday; hours outside of direct service program times used for planning, admin, transportation, and meetings requiring no fewer than 40 hours/week until mid-July
  • Foster a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for our scholars, parents, staff, and volunteers
  • Work with team to implement the Beyond School Culture Manual policies
    • Uphold Beyond School scholar expectations
    • Serve with fellow Beyond School team members as a consistent and fair disciplinarian for our scholars
  • Communicate regularly, effectively, and kindly with parents
  • Attend open houses/parent conferences/parent events, including Family Nights
  • Provide individualized guidance and ongoing feedback as you meet one-on-one with scholars during weekly sessions
  • Internalize and exhibit the Beyond School Mission
  • Support and help complete all daily tasks that must be implemented for Beyond School
  • Maintain communication with your crew’s teachers and support staff in order to best support each scholar’s needs
  • Guide and encourage volunteers serving your crew in order to maximize scholar growth
  • Transport students as needed, including transporting students home and to enrichment/community service opportunities
  • Obtain Class E driver’s license
  • Lead teach at least one Enrichment class
  • Plan and implement Crew Times
  • Lead all aspects of Academic Time for your crew
    • Track scholar homework assignments and ensure scholars are completing homework daily
    • Collaborate with Coordinator to develop and implement daily lessons in literacy and math
    • Track student growth in ETO
    • Track student grades and NWEA scores in order to monitor scholar growth
    • Prepare each scholar’s lesson plan folder or other necessary scholar materials
  • As part of the Mission: St. Louis and AmeriCorps team, help with/attend activities, events, and various office-related duties as needed, including some weekend activities
  • As a part of the Beyond School team, work on various projects as needed
  • Attend school-wide activities such as recitals and sporting events
  • Additional responsibilities aligned with one of the following specializations: Volunteerism, Community Partnerships, Enrichments, Family Engagement
  • Previous experience teaching and/or managing programs for inner-city students
  • Class E driver’s license and automobile to transport students
  • Passion for and commitment to service
  • Commitment to serve 40 hours a week 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Kids don’t scare you.
Not only do you like kids but you’re able to manage them well…even on the off chance that they’re not listening or behaving.  (Do kids ever do that?)
You are very flexible, even with last minute changes.
You have plans, but you are ready to adjust as needed when unforeseen obstacles arise. 
You can bridge communities of different types of people.
You are not only comfortable with different types of people, you understand how to help them connect with each other.
You can command attention.
When things get chaotic, you can take control and redirect the situation.
You are organized.
You can complete tasks and build systems and structures.
You’re a team player.
You can take direction, but you can also work with others to develop and carry out.  You can respectfully voice your own opinions while listening to the ideas of others.  To you, differences with teammates are opportunities to learn, grow, and collaborate.
High energy and enthusiastic with a strong belief that young people can succeed.

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