Subject Area Coordinator - JTC Boys Academy
Position: Subject Area Coordinator
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Positive Behavior Intervention Support Specialist
Job Location: Centerville, IL
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: JTC Boys Academy
Centerville, IL 62207
Telephone: 618-332-3630
Job Description:

The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support Specialist provides on-going assessments of PBIS implementation and identifies, designs, implements, and adapts school intervention activities.  This position will act as an advisor to staff and families. This position participates as a member of the positive behavioral interventions and supports team to design, implement, and support a multi-tiered system of support in the school setting. The Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support Specialist will also provide facilitation, training, and coaching to staff, support personnel, and families and maintain appropriate related documentation, records and reports.  This position also provides ongoing assessments of school-wide PBIS implementation and identifies, designs, implements, and adapts school intervention activities.

• Conducts, scores, processes, and trains PBIS implementation and fidelity assessments; • Conducts observations and assessments of student behavior; • Provides consultation regarding programs to teachers, parents, administrators and school counselors, and other support staff; • Assists staff, teachers and parents in identifying and addressing issues to implement PBIS intervention activities; • Provides coaching and recommendations to school teams in preparing for and administering appropriate assessments required in PBIS for data collection; • Provides training, guidance, and staff development to staff, parents, and others; • Provides PBIS assessment coordination in school districts; • Provides coaching to school site’s School Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SW-PBIS) Teams regarding the implementation of the multi-tiered system of support; • Develops and implements effective communication strategies and behavior support techniques in a multi-tiered system of support;  • Network with local community, state and federal agencies to identify additional resources and support for school staff, students and families; • Provides research based best practices and strategies to address problems related to social adjustments; and • Performs related duties as required.
Experience assessing students; developing and implementing behavioral assessment plans; assessing student capabilities and conducting presentations; 
Skill developing and presenting training activities; collaborating with individuals, groups, public, and private agency personnel; and consulting with special and general education service providers;
Knowledge of appropriate assessment protocol and intervention strategies for students with educational, behavioral, and social challenges; classroom strategies and implementation techniques for students; behavior intervention methodology/techniques including positive behavioral interventions and supports; individual and classroom management techniques; professional development; assessment of the individual’s behavior, skills and abilities; and parent trainings for educational, behavioral, and social challenges;
 Ability to present complex information on education and behavior, educational and behavioral assessment, and implementation of education and behavior plans to staff; work independently; communicate and collaborate effectively in both written and oral form; establish priorities and meet deadlines; travel to various locations; manage various assignments simultaneously; work as part of a multi-disciplinary team; work with children who have educational, behavioral, and social challenges;
Physical Abilities include sitting for extended periods, reaching, lifting and carrying, fine manual dexterity, pulling, pushing, talking/hearing, near and far visual acuity/depth perception/color vision/field of vision.
• Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, Education, or a related field; • Two (2) years of experience working with children in an educational or related setting.
• Experience as a facilitator, coach, or presenter; • Master’s degree in Child Development, Education, or related field; • Experience working at a PBIS school; • Experience working in special education


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