Classroom Teacher - City Garden Montessori Charter School
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: Physical Education
Job Title: Physical and Health Education Teacher
Job Location: City Garden Montessori School
Beginning: Jul 09, 2024
Deadline: Jul 20, 2024**
Certificate: Physical Education
District: City Garden Montessori Charter School
St. Louis, MO 63110
Telephone: 314-664-7646
Job Description:
City Garden Charter School (City Garden) is one of the highest-performing charter schools in the state. Our team possesses passion and determination to implement the Montessori approach to educating children in a diverse, public school environment. City Garden is committed to being an anti-biased, anti-racist community and seeks others who are passionate about these values. We are committed to fostering excellence for all City Garden children.

At City Garden we are redefining public education, reimagining community, and reinvigorating our world.

The Physical and Health Education Instructor plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness, wellness, and sportsmanship among our students. This position involves developing and implementing a comprehensive physical education curriculum that aligns with the school's mission of educating the whole child through a holistic approach. They will build on a student-centered environment which fosters relationships and promotes continual growth for students and staff. The Physical and Health Education Instructor teaches students in grades 1 through 8, and reports to the School Principal.

The following represents a summary of the responsibilities of this position. A detailed job description may be downloaded HERE.

Planning, Preparation and Instruction
The Lead Guide provides instruction that supports the development of the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual growth of the child.
  • Develops age-appropriate instruction which emphasizes students' understanding of the importance of exercise to physical and mental well-being; and to motivate students to work towards, physical fitness, hygiene, and good health
  • Provides instruction to develop students' physical skills and abilities, strength, agility, poise, coordination, and teamwork
  • Conducts ongoing assessment of student growth and progress in physical educational activities, and modifies instructional methods to fit individual student's needs
  • Selects and requisitions appropriate instructional aids and other supplies and equipment, and maintains inventory
Classroom Environment/Management
  • Maintains an environment in which the furnishings and materials are complete, safe, and correspond to the needs of each student grade level
  • Works with students of various abilities, including those with learning differences as diagnosed
  • Creates and communicates learning plans for all levels
  • Maintains a clear, orderly, and attractive environment, including the care and maintenance of teaching materials and equipment
  • Creates an environment that demonstrates rapport with, respect, and kindness for, all students as well as between students
  • Responsible for communication that supports an understanding of the school’s program, develops positive relationships within the school community, and protects the privacy and confidentiality of each student and family
  • Establishes a positive relationship with parents and guardians and maintains regular communication with parents and guardians with regard to their child’s specific needs
  • Completes required report cards/ progress reports in accordance with school policy
  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in education
  • Appropriate Missouri teaching certification in Physical Education and Health, preferred
  • Prior teaching experience in a school setting at the elementary level or middle school level
  • The ability to produce engaging lessons
  • The ability to listen well and take initiative to solve problems
  • Being child-centered, flexible, and willing to do whatever it takes for our students
  • Strong organizational skills and self-motivation
  • Have a grounding in anti-bias education and antiracist values and principles, and is excited to be part of a school that is reimagining education through these lenses
This position offers a salary ranging from $41,700.00 to $54,000.00 based on level of education, certification in the subject(s) being taught, and years of teaching experience. We also offer a robust benefits package.

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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