Coordinator - Fox C-6 School District
Position: Coordinator
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Early Childhood Process Coordinator (0.5 FTE; 1-Year Only)
Job Location: Don Earl Early Childhood Center
Beginning: Aug 08, 2024
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Fox C-6 School District
Arnold, MO 63010
Telephone: 636-296-8000
Job Description:
STATUS: Part-time (0.5 FTE)
REPORTS TO: Director of Early Childhood Education
POSITION SUMMARY: Coordination all aspects ofECSE program
1. Coordinates the ECSE program.
2. Assists with the enrollment of students in the ECSE program, including Extended School Year (ESY).
3. Maintains data regarding class size/caseload for all ECSE staff, including related services. 4. Coordinates and monitors transportation services for all ECSE children.
5. Assists ECSE staff, parents and building principals with program issues related to
individual students' needs.
6. Assists with the supervision and serves as support for building principals for ECSE staff 7. 7.May serve as district representative (LEA) at IEPS for ECSE students.
8. Provides guidelines and assists with the transition of infants from the First Steps Program to ECSE.
9. Coordinates the referral process from Parents as Teacher to the ECSE Diagnostic Team. 10. Provides training to Parents as Teachers staff as it relates to special education processes and procedures: screening, referral, evaluation and disability areas.
11. Assists the Asst. Supt. for Special Services with the supervision of the ECSE Diagnostic team.
12. Assists the ECSE Diagnostic Team with the coordination of 5 year old re-evaluations and may participate in diagnostic staffings for ECSE children.
13. Provides guidelines and assists with the transition between ECSE, school-age and
building level special education programs.
14. Coordinates transfers of ECSE children ( entering, exiting and between buildings).
15. Serves as the district representative to the Local Inter-agency Coordinating Council of
Jefferson County (LICC).
16. Develops, coordinates and implements the Inter-agency Agreement with HeadStart.
17. Completes the ECSE Program Profile annually, as well as any other program reports
required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).
18. Prepares and administers the budget for ECSE services, working with the business office to ensure operational and fiscal accountability.
19. Completes the ECSE Final Report on the budget.
20. Coordinates the purchase of ECSE supplies and materials, maintaining appropriate
inventories and records.
21. Assists with the hiring of all ECSE personnel.
22. Coordinates professional development activities and inservice training for all ECSE staff.
23. Collaborates with Supervisor of PAT & Pre-school Programs to provide staff, parent and community training regarding early childhood education, including the High Scope
24. Coordinates the Resource Center and Lending Library for ECSE & ECE, for access by staff, parents, and community members.
25. Remains current regarding issues and trends in the field of ECSE, as well as changes in the law, state and federal regulations, DESE requirements and funding sources available to local school districts.
26. All other duties, as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent for Special Services.
1.Certification in early childhood and special education.
2. Successful experience as a teacher.
3. Administrative certification and/or experience preferred.
4. Background in ECSE services and programs.
5. Excellent communication and organizational skills.
6. Demonstrated qualities of leadership and supervision.
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